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Mars VIII. So judge the 4th Bhava of Jupiter the planet occupying the fourth house. It is an acquisition and a gain. So house. How do we find the significator? As the purchase of What is fhe rule? Note the' occupant of a house can be made by fulfilling the the 'house. Find but whether there are contract between the seller and the buyer planets situated in the constellation of the by issuinga cheque, include the 12th house, occupant.

Then -this tenant is stronger also. Tf it is a house al ready. While judging the timing, node in the sign owned by a planet. The the significator of the third and the 12th - node is the strongest. In this case Jupiter houses will operate as the third house - is in four.

Mars alone is in its constella- indicates the registration of the document tion. Raiiu represents Mars. It has got Jupiter star Visaicam and sub of Rahu. Jupitet the dasanatha will. Kethu is posited in the, sign owned by As this is a new constructed house, the Venus where thefourthcusp falls. There- question of giving vacant possession does fore find out the planets situated in any of not arise. Venus and When Kethu represents why should it Mercury alone are in Makha. Kethu is in the sign owned gave the plot of land. It does represent Venus. But it can give in its period, the result of lord i" Construction and occupation will be of Mrigasira Mars which is in 8.

But planets in Venus Shookshma respectively. That is, Kethu star will give the results of 3rd, 4th 'he will start constructing after 3,0th July and 9th houses matters as Kethu is in 3 and he will occupy on or around and it also represents the houses 4 -and 9 when Sun will transit in the owned by the lord of the sign-where Kethu sign occupied by Rahu, owned by Mars in was posited. On he issued a cheque to settle quent issues by the editor himself. If any a transaction. Horoscopy; A person born at Krisbnamurti Padbdbati. Bombay at A. Horary : Question was answered at married on ; lost his wife in the P.

Number given is train accidedt on His complaint is absence of marriage promised ; If so when?

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Spermate zoa, i. Horoscopy; A person born on not; zoo means life or lively ; spermia at A. Friday in the Mithuna Rasi. He has two 2. Horary: Parents gave the number childrenboth dumb and deafOne is 77 and the question by tbem about. Why is one cursed with defec- on at P. Horoscopy : A person born at Agra 6. Any marriage at all: ' Born at at exactly 12 Noon I. Horary : Left eye ever gives trouble. When will it be alright. Judged the chart On lost his watch at P. Rule for Analysis 0 Lord of 6th is Venus. Venus The query is about the Profession. Moon, Jupiter Always one has to judge bouses 2, 6 and and Venus are situated in Ketbu's cons- Second bouse indicates acquisition of tellation.

These are the significators for wealth, 6tb is for service and the lOtb profession. Lord of 10 is Saturn. Only significators. Saturn is posited in its constellation. Venus' are the significators. From i and ii we have got Ketu, iii The planets occupying the cons- Rabu, Moon, Jupiter and Venus as the tellations of the lords of these bouses.

From the Dasa chart we see that Ketbu v Planets in any manner connected Dasa and Rahu Bhukti is on, and in it Sun with any of the above significators either Anthra will be from J67 to Lagna for the During this period be will be appointed. The query Guru Shookshma in the period of Kethu relates to her son. Therefore 5th cusp RahuSun will be from J to counted from this will be the cusp of the Ascendant for the son, for whom the query As 17th December is Sunday, so on was asked. This point will fall in Monday and Arudra Star day, to RishabaTaurus, our calculations be will be appointed, Saturn who is now, will start from this point.

Analysis then. Thus Ketbu and Rabu ment. Research has been done by many c Tenth is occupied by Retrograde intelligent students in Horary system. Only Saturn parts. So, the querist is asked to give a is situated in Uttrapadra pada. As star and sign will be only one. Then, a Saturn is retrograde and posited in the chart is erected for that moment of query sign of Guru, an enemy, Saturn gives and the 12 cusps are referred to Raphael's obstruction and disappointments. Budba other 3 cusps, Ayanamsa is deducted and rules Aslesba, Jyesbta and Revati.

Only the cusps of the other bouses in Nirayana Mars is in Jyesta. Mars sign is occupied position is found. In April issue by Rabu, so take Rahu as the significator. The enlightened Manazil respectively. It, rare exceptions provided anything was however, needs to be clearly mentioned closely allied to it or bad a direct bearing that in the Vedic age, the stellar science on it.

Our hermits carefully discarded had no semblance with Astrology. Nearly any kind of knowledge which had no a thousand years after the death of connection with. Jyotiab astronomy and the part which mainly aimed at offering predictions, on Viewed in the context of this quotation the basis of planets occupying the different many branches of knowledge held in high signs of the zodiac, was named Hora esteem now-a-days were simply neglected Jyotish astrology. As the approval from the enlightened souls. The contem- romantic tales related in the book, the porary surety texts all unanimously had Thousand Nights and One Arabya branded it as a nefarious practice and Upanyas.

The process of guessing the fortune from certain In the age of the Vedas and Upanishads, 'inferences had received contemptuous the ancients depended on the constella- considerations from various quarters. It tions, solstices and equinoxes for determi- is an axiomatic truth that we rather ning the time of Sacrificial Fires. The x demonstrate our disregard and belittle our stars are mentioned in the Vedic literature pious saints of old when we proclaim that.

The they happened to be the authors of this Rik particularly mentions Kriticca future guessing science. Such statements Pleiades] and honours it as the' first star carry no sense and far from showering of the zodiac. It may be presumed that praises are. Kriticca when the Vedas were first com- piled. We may easily acquaint ourselves In the days of yore, there was no branch with other different stellar groups through of knowledge known as -Jyotish.

But the Mantras of the Vedas depicting Nakshyatra Vidya or knowledge of stellar different times and different circumstances. Constellations and well known, before the Vedic Period had stars were well known to the ancients. Raboiinukbat Pramuchya Dbutya Sariiam Kii watam Kritwatwa " It is true that asterisms were assigned It is no wonder that only the beheaded the primary role, so far as Astronomy was trunk may dance in joy in finding the concerned, throughout the Vedic period.

But in no literature of that period, the But it bears no connection with the con- slightest or any reference to the signs of cept of Astronomical Rabu, which in fact the Zodiac or planqts can be found. Even was not even detected in the early periods those Upanisbads which were composed when Astronomy bad well emerged from after the Puranic Age bad come to an end the mists of tradition and become an and are comparatively modern, do not observational science. Only the present mention about Rasi or Planets. It is an admitted fact that the Maso Bai Prajapati.

Taysya Krishnapaksbya Eba seven days were named after the seven P. Hence there is absolutely no so when they looked down at Such subjects doubt that Astrology bad no place in with due contempt and derision it deserved ancient India as the very basis on which it in their standards. It is also very doubtful whether like the constellatipns, the imaginary divisions of Truly speaking, the division of the con- the zodiac originated in India.

The names stellations and knowledge of the Solstices and nomenclature of the planets and some and equinoxes sufficed the sages to make verses of Linga and Bisbnu Purans point all necessary calculations merely by look- out that these came to be' known to the ing at the Sunknd. The signs Indians without the help of.

But when we consider the Rasis, planets were unknown or classified as. It remains to be defini- Bribaspati' referred in the Vedas are tely proved that the twelve zodiacal signs not named of any planet, but are different are of the Babylonian origin. A transla- names of Aditya, the Sun God. The tion of the old Babylonian verse by Issac - Vedic verses, Watts is produced below to appreciate 1.

Aryamanam Brihaspatim Sukram Vishunum lonian B. Hindus pay less baed Sabitaracn Cha Vajimum. Some ignorant souls may find any imaginary fixed point of the zodiac. He even fixed bis time of death The Virgin and the Scales, by declaring that it would take place when The Scorpiao, Archer and the Sea Goat, the southern Solstice was over. No plane- The damsel with the watering pot.

And the Fish with glittering tails. It is authentic, free when he signified the tradition, "The from interpolated slokas and reliance can gleaming Bull opens the year with golden be readily placed on it. It is significant horns' and the Dog sinks low, his star that in the 10th Chapter, Lord Krishna sirius averted. The B. C , Alcaeus B. Simonides B. So it will be interesting Moon were not classified as planets and if one takes the plains io ascertain when Vishnu was regarded to be the chief Aditya the concept of Rasis was imported into of twelve Adityas.

It also requires to be India. He was compelled to reveal The Vedic literature had a peculiar unique himself and exhibit Viswaroop characteristic and distinction and st it was to dispel the fear of his disciple. But the massive Ramayana and sanctioned by rules of Panini. It is taken Mahabharat have borne the brunt ef for granted that the Paninian grammar embracing thousands of slokas which were was not introduced at that time. But the absent in the original texts. Strictly " Vasudevarjunabyam " from' which it is speaking, Sahadeva was accredited to be clear that Panini bad knowledge of Basu- versed in Astronomy and not Astrology.

The word Graha in Panini grammar future matters even by his own brothers. Another very important text of the fatal war, nor Duryodhana requisi- of the post Puranic age Manu Smrity, the tioned the service of astrologers to trace Hindu code of conduct for Kali Yuga, is' hiding place of Pandavas. Bishma also silent about Rasi and Planets. From when asked for the passage of 13 these factors it can be safely deducted that years did repay the Slokas of the Mahabharat or Rama- " Panchame Panchame Varsai Dwow Masa- yana mentioning planets are interpolated bupajayata slokas and were ushered in the texts at Esamapyadhika Masa Pakshyo Cha Dwadesha subsequent periods and the configurations Kshapa of planets as stated are incorrect astrono- Trayodashanam Varshanam tti Me Dhiyata mically.

Introduction 3. Philosophical system. In our country, the 4. Day of birth Monday. Sex Female. Rahu' " Krisbnamurti Padbdbati" puts an end 17" 59' to the common practice of erecting. It saves time and energy. If Saturn R one chart is erected correctly, the Astro- 1. Ascendant 2. Ayanamsa23 11' 59' It is on the same principle that in this article of mine, I have.

Place of birth Lat. Time of birth 9 hours 18 mini XV. ArieS 56 sec. Dasa Bkuhti Antbra From To. Which bouses are to be judged Constellation for the accidental death of husband? As the reference-point is 2. Saturn Saturn Jupiter the horoscope of the lady, the seventh house should be treated as the Ascendant. Moon Sun Venus for her husband. Jupiter Jupiter Mercury B. Badbaka-astbana is a stronger 5.

Venus Jupiter Mercury and sure maraka. Prominent attention 6. Mercury Saturn Moon should be given to those houses. Kethu Mercury Mercury C. After badbaka-astbana, consider 8- Sun Kethu Kethu the Maraka astbanas 2 and 7. Mars Kethu Ketbu D. As we have to judge accident, due importance must be attached to 8 th Ascendant Moon Rabu bouse, which signifies danger to life and F Bhava table: accidents. Hence consider this bouse Bhava Vll Saturn too. Accident with vehicle is always to be considered from 4th house too. Ruling Occupy- Ruling. Which are the badbaka-astbanas ing iog and who are the Badhaka-sthana 1.

Rahu 8 7 11 6,9 Adhipatis? Moon II 6,9 9 5, 10 Answer; Jupiter 9 3, 12 11 6,9 Badbaka-asthanas change from sign to sign. Of all the twelve signs, some are 5. Venus 9 3. Mercury 7 1, 2 8 7 called Stbira or fixed and still some others Ketbu 11 6,9 or dual signs. Sun 11 6,9 11 6, 9 The 11th house is a badbaka-astbana 9. Mars 11 6,9 5 5, 10 for movable signs, the 9tb house is a badbaka-astbana for fixed signs and the Note; 7th bouse is a badhaka-asthana for dual 1.

Rahu is equivalent to Venus, as signs. Kethu is equivalent to Mercury, badhaka-asthana for Cancer; Leo is a as it is in association with Mer- badhaka-asthana for Libra and Scorpio is cury in lltb Bhava. Hence, again take fixed signs; therefore, Capricorn isbadhaka- Mercury and Saturn. Hence again take for Aquarius. Venus are dual signs; therefore, Sagittarius is is badhakasthanadhipati. Further, it is badhakasthana for Gemini; Pisces is applying to the 4th Cusp, indicating badhakasthana for Virgo; Gemini is vehicles. We, therefore, conclude that Rahu, The lords of all these Sthanas are known Venus, Saturn and Mercury are the strong as Badhakasthanadhipatis.

What about the accidental death of the husband of this lady? He was earning well. His age As Capricorn is the Ascendant for the was not more than thirty. As his horos- lady, naturally the husband's Ascendant cope was not available, the marriage" was will be Cancer. Nobody knew what was. The wedding Taurus is badhakasthana for Cancer. The Venus is badhakasthanadhipati.

A node is always on that fateful day, 29 March, ? Moon the night, but as illiluck would have it, governs Rohini, Hastham and Sravanam. Hence again body did. He drove to Ranchi from Gaya. As 7th house is unoccupied by any planet. Saturn rules Push- meal in the way, while he was nearing yam, Anusham and Uthrapathra. Saturn Ranchi along with his truck, another truck is in Pushyam and Mercury is in Anusham.

Hence that he could not bear it; his chest was take Mercury and Saturn. He lost his Rahu is, in this way, posited in the SUB senses and remembering. Saturn is lord of 8th. But let us stiffen our-hearts, and analyse 6. Ascendant is transitting in 12tb the date, on which the incident took sign from the Ascendant of her husband. Ascendant falls in the Arudra On this day, Moon was passing constellation, ruled by Rabu, a strong through. Arudra constellation, just after signiGcator.

The incident took place at 8. Bbava, which ranges from 11 in Taurus 2. Moon was passing through the , to 15 in Gemini. Moreover, Moon was transit- cators for this evil deed operated jointly ting in 12tb sign from the Ascendant of to give this effect on at the husband. The Ascendant has 3. Sun, another luminary, was pas- been calculated for the latitude of Rancbi, sing through Utbarapatbra, a constellation which is ,23''22' N.

Completed on ; 5th November 5.

Remedies in Astrology do NOT WORK . Why ?

Please mark that the sign, transit- l at P. Leo Lagna. Horoscope submitted is as The signiGcators must also be the signiG- follows: cators of 9 and No planet is in 2,or 6. But in 10, Ketbu Jup 15r38 Kethu is posited in Gemini. None in Ketbu also indicates the second and 1 Itb bouse matters, as it is to represent Uranus Neptune Mercury who owns the bouses 2 and U. Rabu is in Moola. Saturn is in Mercury star. Mercury is in Saturn star. Saturn will give the results of both the 12tb and the Ven Moon 0o-2'- -1 Sun 6th bouses as it occupies the 12th and is Rah Merc lord of 6, aspecting bouses 2, 6 and 9.

Venus has Mars in its star Rahu behind Venus, Mercury in the 12th and it is also posited in its own constella- sign to Venus may suggest a change tion. Yet Rahu conjoined with Venus is according to traditional system. But, it stronger. It is in 12 and it is attached to the original work also. During Sun Bhukti, which is in the Moon is lord of 12 and is in the cons- constellation Of lupiter in the 9th house tellation of the planet in 9.

July This change is only in the At the time of birth Jupiter Dasa balance nature of allotment of the work. Only was 3 years 11 months 12 days. Wife's health: Uranus in 7: Nervous To fix the time, note the ruling planets and arthritis. Lower abdominal region at the moment of judgment. Now the surgical aid? Mercury, lord of 5 and 8 is in assignment. Neither of them is retrograde.

Saturn star. Therefore wife's health is So, it must happen. The actual time will afflicted by Saturn and Mercury i. Saturn shows on you will have a foreign chronic ailment and wearing -out of the assignment with increase in income, and system indicated by 5 and 8 houses due to improvement in Status.

Hence generative system and the rectum are affected. Cure is indicated by the planet in S to As you are at present running Sukra your lagna which is 11 to the 7th. Venus Dasa. Sukra Bhukti upto , Kethu is in its own star and is in 11 to 7. Venus Dasa started on So, at once, Anthra will operate from Kethu you had it operated and attempted to give is in Gemini.

It indicates the results of a cure. Date of operation, November Rahu and Budha : Therefore you will be It means that When Venus Dasa Sun Bhukti in the you will be, as usual carrying on with yonr -constellation of lord of 11 to 7 Jupiter present nature of work and you will be Anthra operates i. Pisces, in Jupiter's sign,. Mercury star and Rahu sub. Again, people are born in different signs ' as lagna and different cusps of the houses According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, therefore, will be in Gemini and Virgo whomsoever have Mercury and Rahu owned by Mercury.

So, to different lagna- favourably deposited in their horoscopes borns, the source of the results will vary will be benefitted then, whereas those who as Mercury will be the lord of different have Mercury and Rahu ill-posited must houses. Mercury indicates the nature or failure; pleasant or painful etc.

Hence of the result whereas Rahu shows whether Mercury," ruling the star Revathi, where in that matter the native will gain or lose, the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu is to proceed or meet with obstacles, maintain happen, indicates different nature of health or suffer etc. Mercury rules the stars Ashlesha, ding on the lord , of the constellation in Jyeshta and Revathi. Planets including which Rahu was posited. Because, Rahu- nodes posited in any of the three above might be in the 11th house but it could stars will offer the results intlicated by be in the constellation of the planet Mercury.

Mercury canoccupy anyBhava. But Rahu may be. Therefore, people born in Aries, could in the constellation of the planet in II, have had Mercury in any of the twelve when Rahu brings fortune. Hence, one Bhavas. Though the lagna remains the should not pass a judgment whether a same. Mercury by occupation indicates planet is a benefic or a malefic, only from any of the 12 houses and so, the planets the house occupied by it, but one is to.

No doubt, Rahu in an evil different results. If there were to be no sign can do such a harm as is threatened planet, in any of the 3 constellations of by that house only when there is no Mercury, Mercury will offer the results of planet in its. As it can be in Swathi or Sathabisha. Therefore, if any of the 12 houses, and each house has at all, any astrologer is to predict the its own results which vary widely from results to be enjoyed by Aries-borns or each other and in some cases they are Taurus-boras etc. Therefore, to all not applicable to all, percentage of failure Aries-borns, planets in Mercury star will will be greater than the percentage of not yield the same results!

As you want the general predic- on the Bhava occupied by Mercury. The source of the results given by the Saturn's transit. Cbandaka Marwaree rich young man who has mastered Krishnamurti Padhdbati. The gentleman he has mentioned lagna denotes the native. He is born in is a saint with his own straightforward Gemini ruled by Mercury.

Saturn and principles. He will lose anything and Rahu conjoin in Revathi, ruled by Mercury. There- So his attempts will be successful.


He fore, if he leads, no doubt, what India will become popular and prosperous. His wants, will be regained. Discipline, respect subjects will thrive especially the engineers, to elders, higher officials, proprietors and industrialists, messengers, ambassadors, administrators, truth etc.

Foreign exchange will gelmew life after this conjunction. Dishonest ways will disappear. Even now, he is trying his best within the I reproduce his article, simply to show limits. Being a disciplinarian, he will how predictions are offered, vague with never do anything against his superior: many alternatives, without specifying in Yet he will not submit to anything which which state or town such will happen. My does not appeal to him.

He is noble: desire is that one should explain the hale and healthy: enthusiastic, and enter- theory, so that the reader is capable of prising experienced and versatile. So, guessing or confitining what one will I agree with him that the country will conclude. Then alone, it is a science. Biswajit Kr. Chatterjee, Astrologer, 12th December, I outline here a short sketch of the whole in sense of security of general mass. Indira Candhi of India between March and June, ' probably will suddenly set back her health in political, economic and administrative or on some political ground will resign, policy may be modified.

Saturn and ultimately she will be aloof from political Rahu both coujunction in Pisces will bring field; apparently our Dy. Prime Minister unstable condition of the country as a Mr. Morafji Desai will replace her as 23! Prime Minister- of Jndia which envisage telafion by adopting Kanover policy with.. Rahu the country will step forward and' develop and Saturn Help the country to get sub- , a greater degree in some angles. There is stantial aid from other foreign countries. The four malefic planets will different' directions may be feasible in conjoin in March, ; Sun, Rahu, India probably in social, political, econo- Mars and Saturnthe duration of transi- mic and other aspects also and I may tional period, foreign aggression maybe point out that one of the top ranking possible by the western corner of the leader will demise between March to June, country all on ,a sudden and the country ' People of-India will lose moral not at all secured in border question.

Mars, - Rahu will create realise on and from March, In destruction, nefarious mentality, -looting, context of the present position of stars arson and other serious crime may , not placid at all crucial year for involve and the - country imay expect India and I may predict with the power' serious results from all directions by the occultism that a cloud weather will pasc activities of hooliganism which is most over , the sub-continent for a specific undesirable.

The standard of living of period and I believe India will be adminis-. Trade, commerce will tend to col- general mass will greatly appreciate. New taxes will be Revathi refers to pearls, aquatic products, imposed and. Political atmos- literates, journalists, accountants, audi- phere by the present ruling may be tors, bankers, electrical thermal station, impaired due to apathetic policy. Herself, fisheries, backwater, oil fields, oil tanks, Virgo, Neptune in Sagittarius both will harbour, asylum, sanat6riuIn,, jails etc. Jupiter will Pisces indicates South.

Mars act' harmful. Hundreds of cities are , proper political adjustment. There is an indicated by Revathi. The departments indication through stars on conjunction of shown by Pisces are Fisheries, Breweries, four planets in Fisces in March, rubber, submarine and shipping, naviga- possibility of unpladd. Venus is ruling planet joined with Saturn indicates Satum and this year, Moon is helper; both are benefic Jupiter. Therefore one. During conjunction, it is not aus- scholar, a journalist, writer, will pass picious.

The next in power will enjoy brilliant results after the conjunction of Saturn and 2 India is represented by' Capri- Rahu and this clearly shows the unity corn. It has a bright outlook as is explai- re-established in their group. So, foreign help, loan, etc.

Food also will be made available easily Strict regulations will reduce the arrears.

Making Waves

Indiscipline and Gharoes will get reduced This part of the year being summer and after conjunction, Production will the conjunction is in a watery sign, Saturn increase. Prices in the foreign countries will bring down the temperature by conti- will be competitive and India will gain. Delhi is judged No more devaluation of Indian currency.

There will be difficulty for The ruler of India is shown by the 9th water: Bombay is indicated by Leo.

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Therefore, health of the ruler is Bombay will'not sufier. Calcutta is to be to be judged from Virgo. Lord of the read from Cancer. It will have transport, sign VirgoMercurywill transit in communication and water difficulty. Aries, in Aswini, in Kethustar. This is Thus, note which sign indicates which considered to be evil. As the chart of the town: then take the lordship alone and ruler is not available who will fall ill, predict. Only that much alone can be cannot be particularly pointed. As regards Deputy Prime Minister, the conjunction is in the constellation of lord I am surfe that my studentsrather the of lagna and also in the constellation of members of Modern Astrological Research lord of 2 and 11 counted from Moon sign.

Institute will gradually find more truth, It is, indeed, favourable after the conjunc- helpful for useful prediction. While So, to find out when the officer can applying for a job, the servants commit in enjoy peace of mind and the subordi- writing " I shall carry out the orders of nates will carry out the instructions, will my superiors to their entire satisfaction.

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After some months, they co-operation, one is to judge in the join the union, lead it and shout " Down following manner. It has come to a stage Servants are indicated by the sixth house. He When once the union is formed, one is to cannot walk into his own office and enjoy take the 7th house to represent the union any freedom. This Will the union cause troubles or will it is shown by 6tb bouse.

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Moon in 7 is indicated by the ' Stb1 bouse; loss to the in the constellation of Mars who owns the boss is shown by S and Union loses bouses S. There- as it will be the 12th and Stb to. Rabu in Cbitbrai. These sub ' judge why be has to face troubles now and periods continue to run till ll-fi7.

Because, I believe, Modi has irrefutable knowledge and proof that the Congress leaders have their own skeletons that Modi can well expose. So as long as Modi is in the position of power, as long as he can manipulate his opponent, he continues to feel omnipotent and would even make polite enquiries about their health. It would be a good idea to not challenge Modi unless absolutely necessary as in this state of infantile, malicious rage he does not have the capacity to be rational and therefore is actually, not just potentially, extremely dangerous.

To underestimate, or deny or assume what I say about Modi is just theory I would suggest AK to commission one of these eminent scholars and psychiatrists to analyse or do a psychological profile of Modi. But given that Modi is the Prime Minister with untold power in his hands and AK being the fighter he is, this war is unlikely to end anytime soon.

In other words, employ strategy and manipulation to counter manipulation, keep your plans close to your chest. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Categories Commentary English. Tags acche din Narendra Modi. Seems so relevant each words at this point of time. No one realized then. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. HOMEtrikuta ngr. NO-6, TPT. See Advertisement On Page No. RD, SGR RD JMU Kadyal, R. See Colour Advt.


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