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Best Books to Learn Modern Astrology – Beginners through Advanced

Other laws touch on Creativity, Love, Harmony, Transcendence and other principles. The book never becomes dry or preachy; Olesky draws on his own experiences as well as those of his family, clients and teachers to breathe life into each law and highlight the laws' relevance and achievability. His book covers twelve basic principles for living consciously that range from the individual and family relations to society and the whole planet. This book challenges you to think. An in depth analysis of the prime astrological variables: signs, planets, houses and aspects. This book delineates these concepts on material, psychological and spiritual levels.

By drawing from myth-ological references, personal insights, experience and humor, Rio illustrates how astrology can be used for the purpose of self-awareness and consciousness development. This is a valuable introduction into an ancient, vast subject as well as a handy reference book for intermediate and advanced students. Illustrated, pages. Going through a Saturn Return? But it can definitely be confronting, so be prepared to analyze and reflect! She has been an ardent advocate of the feminine in astrology, by writing books and teaching about the use of asteroid goddesses. Type keyword s to search.

Temi Oyelola. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Bantam Books amazon. Brand: Destiny Books amazon. Brand: Weiser Books amazon. Brand: Nicolas-Hays, Inc. More From Astrology. Healing Pluto Problems. Green, Jeffrey Wolf. Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. Reinhart, Melanie. Chiron and the Healing Journey. Lang-Wescott, Martha. Mechanics of the Future: Asteroids. Jones, Marc Edmund. The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

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Bovee, Blain. Charubel and Sepharial. The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized. Teal, Celeste. Spiritual Astrology. Zoller, Robert. Johndro, L. The Stars: How and Where they Influence. Brady, Bernadette. Ebertin, Reinhold. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation. Allen, Richard Hinckley. Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning. Huntley, Janis.

10 Books About Astrology For Anyone Who's Ever Wondered What "Mercury In Retrograde" Actually Means

Rosenblum, Bernard. Tyl, Noel. Rogers-Gallagher, Kim. Astrology for the Light Side of the Future. Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark. Rushman, Carol. The Art of Predictive Astrology. Shaw, Christine. Predictive Astrology: Understanding Transits. Hand, Robert. Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for the Living.

Sullivan, Erin. Shea, Mary Fortier. McCullough, Nance. Volguine, Alexandre. Technique of Solar Returns. Relating and Astrology for Lovers. Idemon, Richard. The Astrology of Human Relationships. Davison, Ronald. Planets in Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships. Townley, John.

Ann, Sue. Vocational Astrology: Personality and Potential. Baron von Klockler, H. Astrology and Vocational Aptitude. Starck, Marcia. Milliard, Margaret.

Casenotes of A Medical Astrologer. Astrological Timing of Critical Illness. Delsack, Lauren. Hampar, Joann. Electional Astrology: The Art of Timing. Lehman, PhD, J. The Martial Art of Horary Astrology. Jacobson, Ivy Marie Goldstein. Simplified Horary Astrology. Louis, Anthony. Horary Astrology: Plain and Simple. Zain, C. Horary Astrology. Brotherhood of Light Astrology Series Vol.

Appleby, Dereki.


The Horary Reference Book. Lewis, Jim. Davis, Martin. Pottenger, Maritha, and Dobyns, Zipporah. Planets on the Move: The Astrology of Relocation.

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Johndro, Lorne Edward. Penfield, Marc. Murray, Rose. Moving to Success: The Astrology of Location. Davis, Samantha. Understanding Children through Astrology. Rudyar, Dane. Meyer, Michael R. A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer. Greene, Liz and Sasportas, Howard. Hamaker-Zondag, Karen. Howell, Alice O.

The 10 Best Astrology Books

Arroyo, Stephen. Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements. Merlin, Katharine. Character and Fate: The Psychology of the Birthchart. Ruperti, Alexander.

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Lundsted, Betty. Suillivan, Erin. The Astrology of Midlife and Aging. Sheehy, Gail. Passasges: Predictable Crises of Adult Life. Schermer, Barbara. Kirby, Babs. Michaud, Joy. Casey, Caroline. Crowther, Patricia. The Zodiac Experience: Initiation through the 12 Signs. Reid, Linda. Crossing the Threshold: The Astrology of Dreaming.

George, Demetra. Vaughan, Valerie. Guttman, Ariel and Johnson, Kenneth. Mythic Astrology and Mythic Astrology Applied. Astrology and Spiritual Development. Lofthus, Myrna.

astrology chart reading books Astrology chart reading books
astrology chart reading books Astrology chart reading books
astrology chart reading books Astrology chart reading books
astrology chart reading books Astrology chart reading books
astrology chart reading books Astrology chart reading books
astrology chart reading books Astrology chart reading books
astrology chart reading books Astrology chart reading books

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