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If we expect to fail and have it devastate us, that will happen. If we expect to fail but know it is part of a new adventure and learning opportunity, that will happen. Change your mindset on failure this week. Be excited about failing! All it means is that you are trying and you are living. It is all about your mindset.

I think the Tarot gave us both Failure and Power to really focus on this idea that we can change our reality through our mind. We can choose to feel like a failure , consumed by our worries, or we can feel powerful , supported by the knowledge that we have overcome each thing life has thrown our way.

You have always overcome your worst days. Can you think of a day you did not overcome your struggles? No, because that day did pass and you are here still living. The 4 of Disks or Power, is also about taking stock and being grateful for whatever security you have in your life. If you have stable housing, a job, a supportive family, food in your fridge, or anything that brings security, be grateful for that this week.

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Charge yourself like a crystal this week. I state this in my readings as:. The Four of Pentacles has indications of walling ourselves in by our opinions, egos, and demands. What we put out is what we muddy the universal waters with and what we will receive back.

All in all, instead of being focused only on what we desire personally, work to embrace the good of the whole community, the state, the country, the continent, and the entire planet overall. Tarot forecasts are like reading a horoscope in the newspaper or a magazine. It is an observation for the general public based on the drawing of one card for every ten-day period of the month.

Check in again on November 20, , for the next forecast relating to November , The Knight of Cups leads with emotions, so bringing in additional airy mental energy can be helpful to offset the watery effects of the Cups of which there are several in this reading This doesn't mean to shut down them emotions completely.

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It is possible to proceed with awareness and still keep an open heart. We are still in the emotional realm with our second week card, the Seven of Cups.

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  4. This card of strong desires but scattered energies is naturally in line with what many of us experience as the holiday season gets going. Too many things are happening -- responsibilities, social engagements, relationship demands. This is especially true if we have decided to host any celebrations, and are beginning to manage details of the arrangements. In such situations, a sacrifice of some sort is inevitable. Either nothing reaches its full potential, or one crucial piece fails to fall into place when it is needed. So how do we handle everything without getting overwhelmed? Again, bringing in some of that Air energy can be hugely helpful!

    Look ahead realistically and make decisions based less on desire and more on what can be reasonably accomplished in the time allotted. Do some planning on paper. Be specific, including all the needed resources to make each item happen. Analyze where needs and available resources align. Be realistic here, keeping Temperance in mind again.

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    Even if you can make it all happen, will you be too depleted to enjoy it yourself? If there are no available resources for an item on your list, cross it off or move it to a new list of things to plan ahead of time for next year's celebration. Reduce your list to a manageable set of expectations, and craft a detailed plan for manifestation. Our Week 3 card, the Six of Pentacles, is all about sharing resources, a perfect card for this season of harvest festivals around the world. It is a time of sharing the bounty with loved ones and giving thanks to the people and forces that have provided for us.

    The Six of Pentacles also asks us to consider who else might benefit from our abundance. While this season is a time for celebration for some, others are struggling to make ends meet. How can we widen our circle of giving? How might we reach others in need with our generosity? Consider donating time or resources to local organizations that help people in need.

    On a more personal level, consider the hidden needs of those closest to you. How can you show them generosity in ways they find meaningful?

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    This will also provide a positive outlet for some of the emotional energy that has built up during the month, as the Six of Pentacles suggests that serving others contributes to a sense of personal grounding. Even if your resources are scarce this year, consider what you do have to give.

    Many of the best gifts are intangible, taking the form of kind words or offerings of time.

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    Another Cup card??? I swear I shuffled this deck.

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    This Cup card, however, is less about struggling to understand emotions and more about other aspects associated with the watery realm. The Page of Cups indicates budding creativity and the development of one's inner voice. So how might that apply this week?

    Well, in the larger context we've established, these are useful skills. Quite frankly, we might need to be mind readers to navigate the emotional minefield of interpersonal relationships Having a heightened intuitive understanding of others can help us balance their needs with our own. For example, if you find yourself playing host of a celebration for friends or family, anticipating their desires can make interactions smoother and more enjoyable for both parties.

    This is one way of honoring people you care about, of showing the generosity called for by the Six of Pentacles. Holidays are not always an appropriate time for hashing out grievances, so avoiding conflict might be a more reasonable move.

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