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On other side, Christian missionaries also started to convert thousand and thousands of people by their pro-social establishments such as schools, orphanages, hospitals, etc. Under these circumstances the rulers and socio-religious conscious people wanted to stop this kind of mass conversions and showed interest in developing the status of the downtrodden.

Though their main aims were to protect the power structure, the economic growth and to establish their control over the people, but indirectly kindled the spirit of safeguarding the Hinduism from the onslaught of foreign religions. They often quarrel with each other for the hold over their husband. Myths within the myth and Message The basis of every folk narrative is a myth or legend, exhibiting number of popular folk elements. Myths have been used as one of the main tools for preaching religious thoughts for a long time.

They have also been used to wield control over society. Every one has been forced to believe in God by attributing the features of omnipotence and omnipresence to God. The stories such as iva taking away the force of Ganga on his head, which was flowing from k , to save the earth and swallowing the poison which emerged with amrt for the sake of saving the d vas were depicted in the myth. It is not possible to get alive anybody after their death. Death is final. That is unavoidable.

This explanation of iva explicitly cautions the people in general for not indulging in any activities of mischief against anybody and warns them to stay away from any kind of ill conceived activities for the sake of their own welfare and happiness. But certainly it could not be the case with the God and Saintly people. If anyone fails to realize this, he or she should be in distress. Operation of Karma theory The law of karma invariably governs lives of all individuals irrespective of their status, caste, gender, age, etc.

Karma simply means the psychophysical actions of our body, speech and mind. There are three negative actions of the body: killing, stealing and sexual impropriety, four of speech: Lying, abuse, divisive intent and idle gossip; and three of the mind: Ignorance, hatred and attachment. It drags the souls like beasts. It is beginningless like seed-sprout continuity. Karma is responsible for all human experiences, enjoyable and otherwise, desirable as well as undesirable, etc. By non-performance of dh rmic acts and committing immoral deeds, the person contracts sin. The individual is responsible for his own fate.

Literature in general and Folk narratives in particular, sincerely reflect the doctrine of karma in their discourses, as they were originating from the writers governed by such philosophies since beginning. The King lost every thing including his kingdom. Soon in the forest, he abandoned his wife too simply because of being not in a position to bear her sufferings at the cost of his stupidity and disappeared abruptly from there, later only to become a cook-cum-charioteer to the King of Ayodhya.

But, she was pondering over in sorrow, in the absence of her husband. After a while, she came to know the where-about of her husband. Once again, he started to lead the happy life but with wisdom ordained by maturity. Perhaps this may be a cultural belief that even after the worst end, there may be a new beginning that would ensure a peaceful happy life. This is further corroborated also in the lamentations of Rati. The implied agenda suggested here is that the God iva is the Supreme Being who takes care of everything in the world. Perhaps only the human beings have this unique psychological reflection while sleeping.

Every one dreams, although many people do not remember some dreams or do not pay them any attention.

Yet, dreams often contain significant information for us, putting light on what has happened in our lives, or what is happening and providing insights about our future. In many ancient traditions, dreams were considered to be messages from the gods. Dreams can mean several things to several people.

In fact, dreams appear not for light entertainment. They may hold messages for us, past, present and future. Folk people strongly believe that dreams could serve as alarm bells for the dismal future. Folk myths invariably infuse a particular type of omens and dreams in their narrations. Please listen to my words. So, my Lord! From the above forewarnings of Rati, we can understand how certain inauspicious events become bad signs for the worst happenings waiting in the near future. It may be a fact that in certain situations dreams can provide a window into our subconscious mind.

They reveal our deepest desires, fears, hopes and wishes that we might not even be aware of. When we have a particular type of dream repeatedly, it can reveal a larger theme that applies to our life. An interpretation to a kind of dreams reads as: For a young woman to dream of a disaster in which she is a participant foretells that she will mourn the loss of her lover by death or destruction.

It may sound quite natural to any individual female having such kind of dreams in a state of mind worried for the safe return of her husband who went out on war-like missions. This is where omens were also playing their significant role in such situations. Usually, even now those who have superstitious beliefs never move out of their homes when they come across a cat or a widow or a Brahmin while stepping out. Though the Brahmins happened to be enjoying social importance due to various factors, the irony is that they are also categorized in the list of bad omens that need to be avoided while stepping out of home.

But, this sort of custom had actually been ruling the mind of people since long. Since the cats are found mostly in black colour by that they become inauspicious. Whereas carrying the pot becomes inauspicious since that is identified as a part and parcel of death rituals. So, the cultural belief sustains even after centuries. So, the ballad from the non- elite people, invariably brands all of them as bad omens. In fact, one can indeed rely upon Folklore materials for understanding the true life and culture of common people whose matter and subjects they describe , as they are wedded with authenticity.

This custom is still vogue in Tamil Nadu among all communities irrespective of caste, economic and educational factors. It is in the interest of keeping the blood relationship intact and continuing it for generations, the custom is very much prevalent in Tamil Nadu even today. On the death of her spouse, the woman loses not only her husband but also the grip over life and her status in the society. Further her bangles would be crushed inhumanely.

The ceremony is no doubt very painful and pathetic. So, in earlier days, there was absolute insecurity to women. Husband is everything to a wife. She fears that he would die. If he dies, then there will be no other way to her except self- immolation. Is it your wish that I should give up the flowers in this pretty young age? O my father! Did you wish they should curse me saying that my fate only killed him? It needs to be mentioned here that because of such suppressed feelings and sorrowful outbursts, KK is more popular among the women folk of Tamil Nadu particularly during death ceremonies.

The balladeer assuming himself as Rati, calls her near and dear, to perform the ceremony of removing all the signs of wifehood i. It is the root for the birth, survival and existence of all creatures. Out of all creatures, it is only the human kind which enjoys the life fully to the maximum. At the most, they can be only realized. That is why in order to denote sexual feelings, the Vedic religious philosophy created the gods for this purpose. Metaphorically, it found K md v the god for sexual desire to denote love. K la Time symbolically here refers Yama since he takes away life of beings as and when their period of existence comes to end.

So, the paradigm of the life is Birth X Death. True to the terrific and frightening nature of Death, contrary to the depiction of K ma, Yama is depicted as dark, with his club gad , noose p a and four hands. With the front two he shows the abhaya protection and varada gift mudr s poses while with the hind ones he carries the club and noose. He can also be seen with two hands, holding a noose in his right and a club in his left hand with his symbolic buffalo behind him.

Such an image is seen at Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. His two regular messengers are two dogs, four eyed, broad-nosed, brindled abala , brown udumbala and are called the sons of Saram. Thus, by all means the characteristics attributed to the god of love and the god of death were contrary in nature, as they stand for. You married me in the young age. But you are in a mood to leave me alone and move out, before we taste sexual pleasure?

His method is more appropriately applied to myths because in myths, unlike in tales, the oppositional elements cohere themselves so as to produce a semantic effect that is hidden message the culture conveys. The oppositions so found in myths are displayed, rearranged into meaningful logical paradigms so as to solve the different cultural dilemmas, such as why man is mortal, how shrines came into existence, etc. Myths are a complex system of structural units or parts, just like language which is made up of very complex linguistic systems.

These units are not identical with one another. Language has its own norms, rules and the internal structure etc. Therefore, a myth, like language is an impersonal collective system of abstract social norms, the meaning of which, if sought, cannot be found in the isolation of the units or in themes because the whole determines the actual and concrete manifestation.

The relationship between the linguistic structure and its context is analogues to the myth and its discourse. The mythic message derives from the interaction between the speaker and the listener, a condition governed by the situation; physical and cognitive. In written literature, meaning is created as a result of the interaction between the reader and the text, therefore it is exclusively cognitive Mani Meitei, Ibid. It is both synchronic and diachronic.

His terrific Rati respectively. His daughter Rati. The mythemes in each column exhibit a homogeneous relation. But the first and second columns contradict each other, so also column three and column four; five and six; seven and eight; and nine and ten. Their relationship certainly is binary in nature. Man believes that even Gods also enter into wedlock and deliver their progenies like any other mortals. But fails to understand that his analogy does not fit into the scheme of Gods as they are immortals and they never indulge in the act of copulation like him.

Rati was born to the Divine couple, Lord iva and P rvati when the Former placed a lemon in the hands of the Latter and asked to open Her eyes to see the lemon by which act Rati is born. So, the usual birth and death events of human beings do not fit into the scheme of things of Gods. However, the folk myth as the product of common man represents such thoughts without any problems. Besides, man also attributes all his qualities such as ego, eccentric characteristics, etc. Consciously, man is not taking care of the immortality of Gods and their celestial qualities into consideration whereas he treats them with the same yardsticks applicable to him and his fellow human beings.

Column two is just the opposite of column one. The antithesis of Union is Separation. In the last two columns, we find each representing opposite notions of life. As opposed to this, there is Serenity represented by the column four. It is interesting to note that iva, the God of Destruction honestly carries out His duty in both the cases without any lenience and subsequently punishes His father-in-law and son-in-law though they were His very close relatives. Anger or Fury and Serenity are the two columns, just attributed to iva in this myth.

Anger and Desire are considered as the worst two enemies of mankind that need to be extinguished by possible means. Anger is momentary madness. Becoming angry is natural to any human beings. But, what is expected is that one should realize its repercussions and get away from it by observing the path of serenity. That would bring peace of mind and subsequent happiness not only to the person who perpetuated on others, but also to the people affected by that venom.

After becoming cooled down only, iva understands the agony of Rati and concedes to her wish to resurrect her husband, who was reduced to ashes due to anger. So, the destruction of those who transgress dharma happens as a consequence and is not His intention. Human kind believes that death is certain and no one or nothing can escape from its jaws. At the same, it is believed that the tm of the person who is dead may live without any form.

Therefore, people of all communities worship their ancestors in particular days every year. They believe in the resurrection of their dears who are no more to be seen physically. As male and female belong to two different sex categories of binary oppositions, it is quite natural that they perceive the men and matters, subjects and things and so on from their own point of views that often reflect non-compatibility. But, still they have to adjust with each other for the sake of their family and lead the life in society.

It is always women in India who act as self-appointed lawyers for their mother and father; brothers and sisters, etc. But it is men generally who dominate and supersede their counterparts on contradictions, seldom worried for consequences. At another level, we can also see the reasons for the co-existence of two sects of Hinduism, viz.

From the beginning to the end of the story, the Supreme status of iva is upheld and maintained thoroughly. Sadly, it is not so. At this situation, all the gods by their presence invariably recognize the supreme authority of iva and joined him in blessing the couple quite happily. Thus, it is clear that the myth just places aivism on the top as the Supreme religion of Hindu Pantheon of Tamil Nadu and iva as the Supreme Being in which all gods merge and accept His Supremacy.

In lavani also, the aforesaid paradigm explicitly operates between the Erinda Katchi Extinguished group and Eriy da Katchi Non-Extinguished group. It is very natural that any adult person irrespective of gender, status, etc. But only the determined people control it consciously for the purpose of achieving some thing greater than the sexual pleasure in their life. But, it is not that easy at all. It needs a lot of will and practice that undergo painful sufferings. Perhaps the columns XI and X suggest the aforesaid interpretation convincingly. Myths are a rich repository of cultural norms and social conduct that lie hidden.

The exhibition of these hidden properties of a society makes us understand certain things which are not explicitly discussed before elsewhere. The impure tm s tend to do awful mistakes either knowingly or otherwise. If anyone violates religious norms then always there certainly exists punishment from which nobody can escape.

The ultimate goal of tm s is uniting with the Lord. Till then, the tm s would be in distress and painful life. Neglecting women folk often leads to a miserable life. There are several instances elsewhere to support this argument. Instead of listening to her words, he ridiculed her and ordered her to get out of the place which pained her much.

Had he respected her words of advice, he would not have died at the hands of Lord iva later. It is widely a known fact that in Aryan culture women folk were being neglected for ages and subjected to lot of humiliation and sufferings. In this social system, females are very powerful and they had exercised their independence on several matters. It is to be noted that the women folk were the original cultivators of land by which they exercised a lot of power over their counterparts.

As a matter of fact, it is to be noted here that the dominant folk deities in South India are invariably women. Therefore, to identify the mediator is of utmost importance. Myths are associated with providing socializing effects to its carriers. Myths seem to teach, consciously and subconsciously, from childhood to adulthood, to the members of a community about the forms of accepting laws and constraints, which may again appear in the patriarchal authority and so on.

The tension between the opposite norms needs to be contained: this seems to be the core content of the myths. Rati is here the mediator in the myth, who can convert smartness into properness, nature into culture, space into time.

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Because of her middle position, she is in a constant state of conflict. This brief study tries to highlight some important findings. It shows that a myth is a cultural product in as much as it is the dream of a culture. Therefore, what probably seems necessary when a myth is analyzed structurally is to have intimate knowledge of the myth and its cultural setting. The identification of mythic problems as posed by binary sets and the solution or displacement of the difficult social dilemma through mediator naturally becomes the message of the myth.

More often than not, this message is coded as hidden, and contains the cultural consciousness, and is communicated through the medium of highly symbolic communication language. Still, in the current era of Television and Computer age, this folk ballad stands alive and quite popular among the folk people of Tamil Nadu for centuries beyond especially for its mourning theme and rhythmic beauty. Indira Goswami and Dr. Pattanaik eds , B. Publsihing Corporation, Delhi, My thanks to the editors and publisher. The festival however is not celebrated with as much intensity in the South as that of North India.

But people do indulge in merrymaking. In a sense, the festival is celebrated as the victory of spiritual bliss over material desires. Holi is the most colourful festival of Hindus and falls on the Full moon day in the month of Ph lgun March according to the Hindu Calender. Holi heralds the arrival of Spring — the season of hope and new beginnings and marks the rekindling of the spirit of life.

Gulmohurs, corals, silk-cotton and mango trees start flowering, garden and parks present a glorious spectacle of a riot of colours — crimson, red, pink, orange, golden yellow, lemon and a variety of glittering greens. Men who remained indoors during the cold months of winter emerge out to see a new sparkling world of colour and gaity. The flowers breathe out their fragrance into space and brooks and streams leap in the valleys. Men rejoice with brilliant light of day and the eloquent silence of night. And then the joy bubbling in their hearts find expression in dance, drama and music.

On the eve of Holi, huge bonfires are lit with logs of wood, basketful of cowdung cakes, ghee, honey and the new crop fresh from the fields. When the fire leaps up in high and strong flames all those present, walk around the bonfire seven times, pray and invoke the blessings of Agnid v. Women prepare delicious sweets and put in the bonfire as naiv dy offerings to Agnid v. When the fire lies down, water is splashed on the embers and the ash from the extinguished fire is applied on the forehead by everyone. Some of the ash is preserved in the house all through the year to apply to the foreheads of children as an effective remedy against any impending evil.

They are ballad like compositions meant specifically for the enjoyment of the lay people. They are in the form of puzzles and answers. It is an interesting and entertaining method of religious instruction. They were popular during the reign of Mar th rule in T njore. It refers to the extempore or spontaneous music created on the spot. Sh heer is the head of the group. Usually high philosophic disquisitions and descriptions of nature form the central theme. Seetha — These are called Erinda Katchi extinguished group , Eriy da Katchi unextinguished group.

The festivals mentioned above were largely attended. Seetha — For more details see: S. The primary goal of their life and work was to show people suffering from the evils of the contemporary socio-religious system and institutions way out, a way towards a new socio-religious order based on freedom and individuality against the contemporary Brahman religion and thereby showing the door to the doctrines and ideology associated with the latter. We Indians have a strong opinion that it is because of the Christian missionaries that we were awakened and became socially and culturally progressive.

Throughout the country, we come across a number of such socio-religious leaders and prophets, who aimed and served for the upliftment of the society. Through their teachings, poetry and pious actions, they had kindled the fire of reforms, which had become a conducive situation for the Christian missionaries in leading people to the progressive path.

In fact, some of our socio-religious leaders and prophets were more progressive and revolutionary than the Christian missionaries. Vedic religion, through temple and priestly class, had gained an upper hand. Everyday life of people was very much determined by religious leaders. Religion became more and more institutionalized and authoritarian in nature and sectarian in outlook. Rigid dogmas were established, religious rules came into being and one could not but bow down before the Tables of the law.

And people blindly followed religion by social habit in order not to get into the bad books of others. Rituals and ceremonies were rampant. Too many saints and seers paved the way for various systems of intellectual philosophy, which only divided the people into rival groups.

Since each group spent much of its time in defending itself against its rival ones in matters relating to sectarian religion and philosophy, the genuine moral and spiritual values were ignored. Mathialagan Though the Bhakti movement originated as a socio-religious movement of the masses in the 6th century A. The low caste non-Brahmins felt that there was no place for them since that had accommodated all elements of the Vedic religion. In such a situation, the low caste non-Brahmins of Tamil Nadu revolted against the existing bhakti tradition and wished to create a sort of new religion based on wisdom and spirituality.

Thus, there arose Siddha Tradition 10th century to 15th century A. This period, considered as the golden one in the history of Tamil Nadu gave vital importance to Brahmins. A number of temples were constructed which paved the way for d vad si system and the Vedic religion gained supremacy.

By virtue of their knowledge and positions, the royal gurus and priests of the temples could exercise their power through the kings. Virtually, everyone was made to listen and act according to the advice of this Brahmin community. By all means and matters, Brahmin community became more powerful during this period and they fully exploited the power for their own benefits. This religious development also acted as a causal factor of the emergence of Siddha Cult or Tradition in Tamil Nadu.

In the context of Tamil tradition, a Siddha is a revolutionary and non-conformist in his beliefs and practices, thus says R. They never thought that the pursuit of spirituality requires withdrawal from the world. On the contrary, they maintained that remaining in the world, one could practice spirituality and attain unity. So, naturally Siddhas have protested against the traditional mode of worship and religious observances which were hindrances to the spiritual life of human beings. By the way, they were also known for their ability to perform miracles in the service of society. Hence, they were often mistaken for atheists and agnostics.

A Siddha is an individual turned into a spiritual being He is a seer, a highly evolved and realised soul. He is the one who is conscious of the Divine presence in the psychic. Everything else appears to him absolutely without importance. To attain his goal, a Siddha renounces everything in this world P. Mathialagan, A Siddha is one who has attained siddhi i.

They spoke of their religious experience chiefly from the yogic point of view. Suffering ceases as soon as one understands that it is exterior to self. It is destroyed by ignoring it as suffering. Traditionally, the Tamil Siddhas trace their origin to Agastya and to various works on mysticism, worship, medicine and alchemy ascribed to him.

Very little is known about the actual life and date, i. Siddhas are eighteen in number according to the local tradition, though we come across many more names of Siddhas. Siddhas were basically masters of autology-the science of the self. They stressed the need for each individual to develop his own psychic powers by y ga and see and experience God within himself. They do not believe in the idea of God existing in an idol. They experienced the God within themselves. So, they were not in favour of temples and related religious activities.

They strongly believed in the omnipresence of the God but not the Godhead iva. Thus, Tirum lar points out the importance of body. In the quest of enjoying the spiritual bliss for ever, later they abandoned their homes, only to live in caves located at mountains and forests. To be spiritual is not to be insensitive to the problems of the common man. Siddha spiritually does not require withdrawal from the world or organized movements or dogmas.

They produced a typical type of mystical poems through which they expressed their perceptions and experiences in a highly enigmatic language. The Siddhas poems are very simple and straightforward in some cases, whereas some are more philosophical and mystical in nature. Some poems give a simple meaning on the face; however, the true philosophical and mystical meanings are kept hidden in them. Siddha community was predominantly represented by non-Brahmins with a few exceptions. All the Siddhas were against the m rga tradition i. Tirum lar was against any form of ritualistic worship Tirumandiram: 33, , and Similarly, going on pilgrimages, taking bath in sacred tanks and rivers and going to forest resorts are also condemned by Siddhas Ganapathy, Ibid: He strongly felt that casteism is perpetuated through the theory of rebirth and the common man believes that those who do right actions in a birth are reborn in a higher caste in the next birth.

In order to have a dig at casteism, Civav kkiyar goes to the extent of denying rebirth hymn: The denial of rebirth is just to show that caste is not determined by birth Ganapathy, Ibid: Two things are stressed as ethical preparation for self-realization. One is free from oneself from the limited ego or selfishness. Tirumandiram: The second ethical preparation consists in developing desirelessness. Again, Tirumular says that even the desire to be one with God is to be eschewed Tirumandiram: He also says that there is no point in studying Vedanta, the method to attain self-realization, if one does not develop the attitude of desirelessness Tirumandiram: As put it by T.

At this level ethical precepts flow out the realized being and they serve as guide-posts for others for better living. The Tamil Siddhas prefer this type of ethical p j to the ritualistic p j. Almost all Siddhas feel that equality can be attained only by ahimsa and so they advocate ahims as a basic ethical principle Tirumandiram: ; Bhadragiriy r - hymn: The only wisdom we can hope to acquire is the wisdom of humility. To Tirum lar, the way to attain Godhead is to have a kind heart Tirumandiram: Though Siddhas were appreciated for the aforesaid notions and attracted to public, hardly they were respected and regarded.

Rather they were often ignored as mavericks and nomads; and condemned as eccentrics, mischievous and mad fellows. As a result, even their life and achievements were not duly recognized and recorded. It is a fact that there was no well-established interrelationship among the Siddhas, who appeared in different times at different places mainly between 10th and 15th Century A. Scattered as they were, there was no forum or institution backed by people and appreciation available for their humanitarian concerns and its related activities. They appeared sometimes upon the earth, realized the true life, preached sincerely what they felt for the upliftment of everyone and at last disappeared in the end mostly without any traceable history.

Karnataka virtually became a battlefield during the 11th century A. This was a turbulent time in which militant forces disrupted the political as well as the religious life of the land. As a consequence of rivalry, a number of temples were constructed. Temples had been greatly enriched by donations of money and land from kings, viceroys, army commanders, etc. The dras were brainwashed for rendering manual services to the temples. Temples virtually became informal banks and power centers in the hands of Brahmins. The m rga tradition was in full swing, which exploited the innocence of common man.

The dras were denied the privilege of learning the wisdom of the m rga tradition and enjoying its literary excellence. Brahmins over the dras. The dharma stras in general and manusmriti in particular, enunciated the rules and injunctions necessary to keep the dvija and the dra in their respective position in the social space - the former at the top and the latter at the bottom of the hierarchical scale.

As in the aiva Siddh nta, the most authoritative books of the sect are the twenty-eight aiv gamas. And he died in A. From the early childhood, he developed anti-brahminism and maintained it till his death. At the age of eight, he even refused to undergo the upanayana ceremony wearing of sacred thread 5, which was radical, revolutionary and unimaginable in the context of 12th century. He grew stronger with all new ideas on socio-religious matters.

During this period, he plunged into religious and social activities with serious thought and systematic approach. His great object was to build up an ideal society where all individuals must have equal opportunities for religious pursuit or spiritual development, 6 irrespective of their caste, creed, sex and vocation in life. His revolutionary message and mission created a sensation among the orthodox. They organized themselves to oppose him unsuccessfully, but in A. Basava arranged the marriage of the daughter of Madhuvarasa who had formerly been a Brahmin with the son of Haralayya, who had formerly been an untouchable.

They raised a hue and cry. They were chained to the legs of an elephant, which dragged them to their death. Some of them who had lost all tolerance became revengeful. Ishwaran, Ibid. The Bhakti tradition aimed at liberating the individual human being from the bondage of that empirical-material world, from the cycle of re-births, and from the curse of karma. It advocated the theory of illusion i. In its agenda, spiritual salvation was not that important but it was secular transformation. Tirum lar - considered as the father of Tamil Siddhar tradition 7th century A.

He glorifies the potentialities of the human body and affirms the reality of life and world. He does not believe that the human body is evil in itself. While life-breath itself is linga, why other lingas? It accepted the authority of the Vedas as the voice of God. Its intention was not to collide with the Brahmin orthodoxy, but only to reinforce it through the palliative of mild reformism, even revivalism. These seers sometimes used fiery language to repudiate the authority of Vedas and gamas, the sanctity of temples and the value of worship in them.

In the quest of realization, he emphasized, all that is needed is inner purity rather than visiting temples, worshipping idols, uttering mantras, dipping in ponds, and so on. Why should you garland a stone god? And make rounds and rounds Around the planted stone All the time reciting mantras? How do you expect the stone to speak When God Himself is within you?

What are bathing tanks? Fools who worship in temples and tanks! By undertaking pilgrimages man limits the Almighty who is everywhere to a particular place. In their vision, the Supreme Being is the beyond of beyond. Thus becoming one with the God, they see no differences with whomsoever. All are equal and one and the same before the Supreme Being.

That is why these pious souls ridiculed people whosoever practices the manu dharma system in life. He firmly believed that no difference could be found between two human beings. What is it - a Brahmin women?

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Is there any difference in them? In flesh, skin or bones? Tipperudra swamy. We should know that all Siddhas were very simple in nature, down to the earth in behaviour and modest to the core in action like Basava. Only a iva bhakta is well born. He gave them equal status both in religion and society. Bukthi lord Rahu was transiting in the 12 th bhava , in conjunction with natal Moon, a significator for 1 st , 12 th and 7 th bhavas with semi-sextile aspect to natal Sun and again in Sextile aspect to natal Jupiter in the ascendant.

Antara lord Mercury was transiting in Scorpio, in the 10 th bhava in conjunction with natal Saturn and Neptune. In square aspect to natal Mercury and square to natal Fortuna. Again in trine aspect to natal Venus and Mercury. This Venus is a significator for 10 th , 2 nd , and 1 st and deposited in the 4 th bhava. Again in semi-sextile aspect to natal Rahu and Uranus. Luminary Sun was in Libra, in conjunction with natal Uranus in the 9th bhava and in exact trine to natal Pluto and Mercury. Luminary Moon was in Leo in the 7 th bhava in quincunx aspect to natal position and in sextile aspect to natal Mars and in opposition to natal Moon also in opposition to natal Sun.

The 35 th President of the United States, Mr. VII She told me that the wedding of her only daughter was fixed to be celebrated by the end of August ;and nearly people were already invited. A month back betrothal was conducted. However, the girl was missing since the other day. The cops were informed but no news of her till now. My immediate reaction was to ask her whether the girl had any lover.

Her concern was the girl might have been kidnapped by some racket who takes kidneys and other organs from the body. After disconnecting the phone, a time chart was cast immediately. Jupiter, the planet of Divine grace, in direct mode, aspects the Ascendant indicating Divine protection and providential help. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo representing the missing girl was in cancer, the eleventh House The eleventh House is for friends, well-wishers etc. Subtle analysis from stellar point of view Sublord of the Ascendant is Saturn, ruler of fifth House, Sixth House and posited in Ascendant.

Nevertheless Saturn is a feeble significator of Ascendant fifth and sixth House since there are planets in the stars of Saturn Saturn is in the star of Mars, ruler of third House, eighth House posited in the Ascendant. The combo of Ascendant and the life giving Houses, viz, the third and eighth House is positive. In Kp the final arbiter is the sub lord. The sublord of the sublord of the Ascendant sublord Saturn is Mercury. Mercury is in the eleventh House but there is a planet in the star of mercury. Mercury is in the star of Saturn. To cap it, the sublord of the Ascendant is strongly connected to Ascendant fifth and sixth Houses.

The maraka or badhaka Houses do not feature. So the girl is alive, no doubt. It also appears as the sublord of the fifth House of Love seventh House of life-mate and eleventh House of permanent tie of friendship. The logical interpretation has to be the girl is with her lover. Seventh cusp has close Trinal aspect of Rahu , the planet that is anti—traditional.

Sixth, Eighth and twelfth Houses and their rulers are against the accepted customs and conventions of the society. So is the case of Nodes. Uranus that co-rules Aquarius the sixth House tenants the seventh House in retrograde unusual mode. Jupiter that rules the seventh House is aspected by Rahu. So it was concluded that the girl eloped with her lover who may be a member of another religion.

When will they get the news? The most difficult part of the query is timing in such cases. The eleventh cuspal sublord Saturn, no doubt is a slow-moving planet. But it is in Libra, a Moveable sign. Mercury, ruler of the Ascendant the missing girl ranks second in speed and occupies the eleventh House Cancer ruled by Moon the swift moving planet. It is in applying sextile to exalted Moon its dispositor. The first planet to change sign after the horary is conducted is Moon.

On 12th Aug Transit Moon will enter Gemini. It will be in Mrigasira Nakshatra ruled by Mars, ruler of third House of communication stationed in the Ascendant the girl. The symbol too is that of a man and lady. As such, it was predicted they will get some information of the girl when Transit Moon passes through Mrigasira Nakshatra corresponding to Gemini Sign.

On 15 Aug , Transit Mars enters Libra and will start afflicting radical Jupiter lover of the girl through its 8 th House Parashari aspect. This indicates action of the cops getting intensified. On 15, 16 and till morning hours of 17 August , Transit Moon will be in sign Cancer the eleventh House. Moon apart from owning the eleventh House is also a strong significator of eleventh House since it is in the star of Sun in eleventh House. Mercury is in the star of Saturn in Ascendant the girl.

Mercury is the karaka for communication. Mercury denotes the girl by virtue of owning the query Ascendant. Since Saturn as ruler of sixth House afflicts Sun Court , litigation is sure to occur. Rang up the lady and apprised her about the findings of the horary chart with a request to give feedback, no matter, whether the prediction goes completely wrong. Actual outcome 1, As predicted, when Transit Moon entered Mrigasira Nakshatra corresponding to Gemini sign, the parents of the girl detected a note from her pillow saying that she is leaving at her own volition and there is no need to enquire about her.

The girl refused to go with her parents. All these things were reported by the lady. However, the lady was told not to misguide the Astrologer and was emphasized she had prior knowledge of her daughters love affair. Both are of the same longitude. When the case was studied I could not make out what does that signify? It is instructive to take note on a later date the lady who rang up told that her daughter cannot see anything without glasses and the girl in her hurry to leave the house did not take her spectacles..

Let me conclude this write-up by Thanking Dr Andrew. It is a pleasure writing for JASA that has progressively increasing readers. With liberal, broad minded Dr Andrew as the editor , who fully knows the pulse of the contributors as well as the readers and who himself is an Astrologer par excellence no wonder JASA is the most sought after internet Astro-journal. Here we are going to discuss on a chart how this native could escape from a major accident. A lady came to my house on 26th Sep morning, for astrology consultation and informed me that she met with a major car accident on In that accident, ten of her relatives died including her mother, husband and only son.

She asked me a question, how I got survived in the major accident. I have given the answer using the rule from the book of Dr. Rule: Whenever Jeeva or Sareera planets of 1,6,8,12 th and Mars are connected with Dasa, Bhukthi and Anthara lords then events like accidents may happen. But if the same dasa, bhukthi and anthara lords are connected to 5 th and 11 th house then that native recovers and gets cured. Date of birth: Did her M. She participated in many Astro conferences and seminars and delivered talk on importance of stellar astrology.

She has honorary titles like Jyothida Thendral, Jyothida Ratna, etc. She had contributed number of articles in Tamil astrology magazines. She is a keen follower of Naadi Jyothisa of Meena 2 system and also disciple of Dr. Jeeva planet Jupiter is in the star of Mercury, hence Mercury has become the Sareera planet. Moon has become Jeeva planet. Jeeva planet Moon is in the star of Rahu, hence Rahu has become Sareera planet.

Rahu has become Jeeva planet, Jeeva planet Rahu is in the star of Saturn but it is with Moon and Moon gets digbhala hence Moon snatches the power from Saturn and Moon has become Sareera planet. Mars in the star of Jupiter, Jupiter has become the Jeeva planet. If 1 st , 6 th ,8 th and 12 th house are connected only accident like events may take place.

Native was running Saturn dasa, Venus bukthi, Mars Anthara from How could she escape from such a major accident? She could escape due to connection of 5 th and 11 th houses with Dasa, bukthi, anthara lords. Dasa lord Saturn is conjoined with the Moon the Jeeva planet for 8 th house and Sareera planet for 12 th house. Here we can note the connection of Dasa bukthi and anthara lords with Jeeva and Sareera planets of 6,8 and 12 th houses, but she could survive from the major car accident due to connection of 5 th house and 11 th house Jeeva and Sareera planets.

Note here that the Dasa lord Saturn in the natal chart is with the transiting Moon Gemini and also the natal Moon ,the Sareera planet for the 5 th house and Jeeva planet for the 11 th house lord. Over and above as the principle says Sanivath Rahu, the dasa lord Saturn himself behaves like Rahu the Sareera planet of 11 th house. Mercury the 5 th Jeeva planet is transiting over Anthara lord Mars in Pisces natal chart.

In this analysis we can see that the Dasa, bukthi and anthara lords have connection to 1,6,8,12 houses and 5and 11 th house Jeeva and Sareera planets, that is the reason she could survive in that major accident. Vijayalakshmi ji sent her wonderful article for all the readers of JASA spread across the world. I made the chart as per K. E electrical from Punjab University,Chandigarh and started his career as Sub divisional officer in Punjab state electricity board from Sharma retired in September, and was practicing Parasher astrology since S Negi, Ludhiana, Late Sh.

Suresh Suhasane, Mumbai and Prof K. Hariharan, son of Late Sh. S Krishnamurthy and I am practicing KP and Parasher Astrology and also writing articles in various magazines from last years. He has learnt Parashar astrology from Dr H. Rahu aspected by Jupiter lord of Moreover mars is also ruling planet. Further its sub is also Moon lord of 6. So reject Pushya Nakshatra of Saturn. C Stationed at Mohali Unit including the querent but it was notified on dated Krisnamurti for this wonderful padhadti of K.

He has upheld the beauty and accuracy of KP astrology for which KP is well known. All the readers around the world will benefit to read his article and understand that, in the KSK tradition, KP astrology is still capable making predictions up to the exact date of the event. Vaikari Ramamurthy - Medavakkam Mr. The supporting new moon chart is dated May 10th, ; ; at New Delhi. There is also a Lunar eclipse occurring on May 25 th , ; ; at New Delhi. The lord of 5th house has become weak by being in gandantha and also combust.

The new moon also happens in the 12th house of the India independence chart. This denotes secret ploys by the foreign spies, foreign investments will be hampered. The people will be dissatisfied with the policies of the government. The functioning of the cabinet will be unsatisfactory. The relationship with the foreign countries will be affected. There will be riots and violence. There could fear of epidemics. There can bomb explosions.

The foreign elements could be threat to our country. This will result in people generally being happy and satisfied. The government functioning will be normal. The relationship with neighboring countries will be strained, can expect rail, air, etc accidents, etc. This is not an welcome configuration as the people in general will resort to mass movement and agitation, people will take down to streets against the policies of the government, there could be law and order situation due to the mass movement and agitation, there can be bomb explosion, etc.

This will result in foreign relations turning sour, international affairs will be affected, the foreign investments will get affected, etc. The government will come out with some amendments pertaining to reduction of deficit, revenue targets of the government will be met, etc 7. The supporting new moon chart is dated June 8th, ; ; at New Delhi. People will stage agitations against the government, labor class will be unhappy; people will become unruly, etc. It is also aspected by rahu from the 11th house.

Jupiter also happens to be the lord of the 4th house. The weather conditions will be stormy as majority of the planets are in the airy signs. There will be torrential rains with tsunami like incidences. The functioning of the government will be normal. It is conjunct rahu and aspected by Jupiter from the 7th house. The finances and inflation will be somewhat under control. The 3rd house is also aspected by rahu and also by Jupiter. There can be FDI in the communications sector. The stock market will be bearish. The students will question on the admission policies of the government.

There can be secret plots by the foreign elements. The government will come to terms with people of India in accepting their long standing demands. The 11th house in the new moon chart has Saturn and rahu which will put strain the finances of the government.

Some of the legislations of the government will be opposed by the opposition. Further it is also aspected by rahu. There can be some understanding with our foreign allies with respect to some long pending issue. The government functioning will be in smooth manner with no major disruptions by the opposition. The supporting new moon chart is dated July 8th, ; ; at New Delhi. This is also aspected by rahu from the 2nd house, conjunct sun lord of 12th house; conjunct mars the lord of 3rd and 8th house. The government functioning will be stormy and likelihood of the government losing power. Some noted politician can run bad health or expire.

However, the 2nd house has rahu and Saturn. The finances of the government and inflation will go out of control. The stock exchange will be bearish. There can be rail, accidents, etc. Relationship with neighboring countries will be affected negatively. The weather conditions will be stormy as majority of planets are spread in airy and watery signs. The government will not be allowed to function by the opposition party.

The supporting new moon chart is dated August 7th, ; ; at New Delhi. There will be foreign investments in the communications industry. Some of the various heads of parliament will expire or face bad health. Further the new moon occurs in the 9th house of the ingress chart. Mercury is also lord of 4th house. There will be general discontentment in the people, cabinet functioning will not be satisfactory.

The weather conditions will be stormy as majority of the planets are spread between the airy and watery signs.


The finances and inflation will be fairly under control and stock exchange will be bullish. However, placement of rahu and Saturn in the 5th house will make stock exchange function volatile. The finances can be generated from communications industry by way of disinvestments. The relationship with neighboring countries will be stable. There will be foreign investments in the communications industry is possible.

Mars is aspected by rahu from the 5th house. The country will have to resort to additional borrowings for defence purposes, the relations with foreign countries will be cordial with no major developments, legislations of the government will benefit the common people, the government will be understanding to the needs of the people and will meet with the long standing demands of the people. Some judges of higher courts will be found corrupt in their dealings. The supporting new moon chart is dated September 5th, ; ; at New Delhi. The government stability will be at stake. The functions of the government will be disrupted by the opposition.

This further reiterates the above point of stability of the government and there is likelihood of government falling. Saturn is also the lord of the 2nd house. The finances and inflation will be out of control. Prices of basic commodities will rise. Phalgun Balaaji. Kiana Tehrani. Chizaram Dagogo Nwankwo. Darkk Wolflord.

Cor Scorpii. Reiki Master. ProfessorAsim Kumar Mishra. John Crow. Yug Shilpi. More From Rajagopal Rao.

(PDF) Beyond Bhakti: Steps Ahead | Govindaswamy Rajagopal - ajufopov.tk

Rajagopal Rao. Sharon A Stocker. Anjana Maudgalya. MOhammad ZOhaib. Popular in Nature. Mohit Kumar. Hayati Aini Ahmad. Measuring lung function using sound waves: role of the forced oscillation technique and impulse oscillometry system. Nita Corry Agustine. Ivan Andrade. German Silva. Mujahid Ali. Shreyans Tejpal Shah. Mohd Zulhaidy.

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